Better Software Faster

Ative is Denmark's leading Scrum and Lean software development consultancy.

We provide Courses, Coaching and Consulting for creating better software faster using agile development principles.

We offer Courses with the world's leading agile development experts

We provider Coaching and Consulting for improving software development processes and practices. We work from experience, also offering hands-on software development services, on-site or off-site.

Focusing on quality and flexibility we create business value quickly and reliably. We call it "better software faster".

We help our customers implement effective development practices - both for process and technology. We cover all disciplines from project management with Scrum to the agile toolbox with agile architecture, domain driven design, test-driven development and continuous integration with automated build and test.

Our course and consultancy offerings include:

  • Courses with the world's leading experts, e.g.
    • Mike Cohn - ScrumMaster, Product Owner certification, User Stories, Estimating and planning courses
    • Robert C Martin - Agile architecture and design, SOLID principles, Clean Code, TDD
    • Roy Osherove - TDD and Unit Testing
  • Scrum coaching
  • Hands-on Continuous Integration
  • Hands-on Unit Testing
  • Hands-on Acceptance Testing
  • Agile Architecture, Testable Design and Refactoring

Enterprise Software Development

Ative's experienced consultants are experts in software development for the Microsoft .NET platform in heterogeneous environments.

Examples of our projects:

  • Modern REST/WebSocket API for providing low-latency access to a global investment bank's trading platform for self-service mobile, tablet, web and desktop trading applications to clients across the globe, processing hundreds of thousands of quotes per second to tens of thousands of concurrent users.
  • System for electronic legal registration of mortages with the Danish courts for more than 50 billion DKK per year. Technology: Microsoft .NET, SOA, Web Services, BizTalk, MQ and mainframe.
  • Development of business-to-business portal for selling financial services. Technology: Microsoft .NET, Sharepoint 2007, SOA, Web Services, BizTalk, mainframe.
  • Administrative systems for pensions. Technology: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, SOA.
  • Migration of mainframe applications to Microsoft .NET. Technology: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, SOA.
  • We provide both on-site consultants to extend your own team and complete project development.


Agile, Scrum, TDD and Lean

We like to share our experiences. Read our blog with lots of tips on how to create better software faster. Amongst other things we cover agile methodology, Scrum, test-driven development and lean software development.